We are current accepting resumes for multiple specialties and QA

Employment Opportunities
We at StenoMed are constantly looking for highly motivated medical transcriptionists who would like to join a fast growing company focused on providing top notch medical transcription.  

StenoMed's  technology makes it possible for you to work at home utilizing high-speed internet access, while maintaining independent contractor status.

 Our transcriptionists must:

  • Have an in-depth understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, procedures, and treatment.

  • Be able to translate abbreviations and have the ability to reference terms through the use of printed and electronic reference materials.

  • Possess the ability to overcome any obstacle to complete the job.  This may include transcribing dictation by a dictator with an accent, background noises, or being able to reword what the dictator is saying so that it is presented in a concise, accurate manner without changing the meaning behind it.

  • Have a vast knowledge of the English language relating to its usage regarding punctuation and grammar, and also have the knowledge of the appropriate format or style that may apply to each document.

  • Have a general knowledge of your computer (Windows 98 or above required). 

 If you wish to submit your resume via our online form click here.  You can also submit a resume via e-mail, or you can fax us at the number listed on our contact page.

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